Landmark Logistics offers customer-focused transportation solutions for freight delivery across continental North America and Canada. As an experienced, professional third-party logistics company, we specialize in getting the equipment you need when and where you need it.

Flatbeds & Specialized Equipment

Drop decks, double drops, stretch trailers, hotshots, RGNs and more.


Ideal for standard merchandise, dry goods, textiles, and more.


Landmark partners with Priority1 to offer you the best rates available.


We contract with UIIA providers and manage your shipping process from booking to delivery.

Landmark Logistics

Our employees understand the importance of critical, time-sensitive shipments and we have the necessary equipment and staff on hand to ensure efficient and on-time deliveries. Landmark Logisitics has helped with hurricane relief efforts, environmental spills and more, so keep Landmark in mind when no one else can get the job done.

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No matter how large or heavy your cargo is, we have a driver ready with the right equipment and experience to ensure it is shipped properly.

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Thank you for considering Landmark Logistics for your transportation needs. We look forward to serving your organization.